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New Year’s Wishes

Happy new year to everybody out there! So what´s going on in 2013?

Of course we are busy with working on new releases. The first one will be a new release by Akusmatic
early this year. The style of our first release this year will be different than all other releases before.

The final outcome is based on the ambient-dub-techno genre, receive an impression and check out
the snippets produced so far…

Akusmatic – New EP coming in early 2013 from Schallwellenmagie on Vimeo.

[SWM006] Audiohobel – Zuckerlocke EP

Lasst uns das jetzt hier zu Ende bringen Freunde. Zwei Tracks sind abgedreht, ein jeder eine Reihe von Anweisungen wie die Lautsprechermembrane zu britzeln haben. Alles vollautomatisch, die Musik spielt sich selbst, nach meinem Willen. Die Membrane britzeln, die Luft übeträgt Energie diskret. Wir glauben zu hören was da draußen ist.  Doch ist es nur das Stroh das im Kopf knistert? Möge es ewig brennen…. Zuckerlocke, brenn! Holzauge dreh dich!

[SWM005] Akusmatic – Back and Forth EP

We celebrate our 1st anniversary this month with a new release by Akusmatic…

Akusmatic – The voice of your Conscience

New set from Audiohobel online

[SWM004] Audiohobel – Knalltaucher EP

Audiohobel is coming up with some colourful psychedelic frenzy…

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Audiohobel & Akusmatic – Name that habit (improvised live recording)

This track is an improvised live recording using lots of electronic percussion during a studio session on 26.05.2012

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[SWM003] Akusmatic – Out of nothing EP out soon

[SWM003] Out of nothing EP, a new release by Akusmatic containing 3 Tracks will be out on 06.06.2012.

First of all here is the title track: