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Schallwellenmagie – Entering a new decade

Dear friends, guests, fans and lovers of Electronic Music and Schallwellenmagie,

it´s the time to say thank you for all the support you gave us in 2009.

We will continue sharing our discoveries in the world wide web, for example great producers or controllers and other stuff related to electronic music we would like to recommend. But – thats not all! We also keep on growing.

We would like to announce that we are thinking seriously about launching a netlabel in 2010!
Besides our soon coming new own stuff we plan to release productions of our friends as well. So from any point of view the next year will be definitely a Schallwellenmagie year!

Alongside DJing we are working on performing our music live on stage with plentiful space for improvisation so that every event will be totally different and unique. First rehearsals take place in April, results will be available around that time.

There is lots of stuff to come so join us, follow us (Jörg Ralf), together we can make all this happen… and we all will be part of it. Again we would like to say thank you, and wish everyone of you the best of what the 21st century has to offer for the next year.

See you in 2010!


Schallwellenmagie group on Facebook now

We started a Schallwellenmagie group on Facebook today. Please join us there and share your discovered links of interesting music, videos, articles, VST plugins, your latest work or other things related to electronic music that are inspiring you. Your input will make this group grow into a great resource of amazing things…


SM010: Compilation from Subversive Media out now!

Subversive Media just released a two year anniversary compilation with 15 tracks of different styles of electronic dance music:

SM010 cover:

001 Alic – Your Weapon (Dub)
002 Audiohobel – Verhau
003 Banding! – Waiting
004 Dakpa – Don’t Me
005 Drugstore – Expiacion
006 Fernando Lopez – Rumania
007 Lluis Ribalta – Future Music
008 We Are The Invaders – Insert Coin
009 Onka Onichi – Kreuzberg Lights
010 Pepe Arcade – Dimension
011 Rodrigo Rivera – Plug and play
012 Rubeck – Tymon
013 Vicky Montefusco – To Be Happy
014 White Zone – Lost in a Supermarket
015 Xuzav – Double Ice Cream

Download the Release    Listen to the mixed version or download the mix


Speaking in Code

Everything changes when you get lost in music…