Schallwellenmagie Electro Extravaganza is a german Techno DJ and Electronic Music Live Act, its a project by Audiohobel & Akusmatic

Ralf Neumann and Jörg Neupert met each other in the Ruhr Area in the late 80´s. From the beginning they supported various bands as a powerful rhythm section with Ralf on the electric bass and Jörg on drums. Soon they developed their own concepts, mainly influenced by people like Frank Zappa or John Zorn. Based on the idea of structured improvisation their Band Head Kick mixed Funk, Jazz and even Punk elements to a cooking mixture.

After several years of cooperation and sharing the same rehearsal rooms Jörg left the Ruhr Area and went to Munich. Not knowing of each other both started their DJ carreers in the electronic music business in the early 2000´s and found again more by chance. The rebirth as a rhythm section with a new face, but now having the wisdom and experience of decades in the often rough music business.

In their Live-sets Schallwellenmagie Electro Extravaganza adds live elements to their performance like live drum parts & electronic percussion, classic microphone abusing, Grooveboxes, and even Effect modulation are part of the show as well.

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