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Schallwellenmagie presents DYE

This track was running around my brain from the first time it appeared in my Last.fm player a few weeks ago. I am talking about Clamour from DYE which is Jon Dye from Denton, Texas – USA. With Jon we have the first artist on Schallwellenmagie who is using field recordings in his productions. By the way, this is the pet subject for Don and myself at the moment….enjoy.


Dye – Clamour (Re Edit)

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And here is the Interview with Jon:

Schallwellenmagie: Since when are you active as a producer?
Dye: I’ve been working as a producer of music in one form or another for about
10 years now. I started out recording a band I was in back in high school,
and went from there. Eventually I found my way to electronic music and I
haven’t looked back.

Schallwellenmagie: Who or what has you most strongly affected to make music ?
Dye: It’s hard to say for me really. I’ve always loved music of all sorts,
especially anything experimental.

Schallwellenmagie: Who are the artists with the biggest influence on your music?
Dye: The list goes on: Brian Eno, Kraftwerk, Juan Atkins, Timo Maas, Richie
Hawtin, Aphex Twin and many others. The world around me has great influence
over my music. I’ve also found a lot of great minimal techno on
last.fm which I would have otherwise not heard.

Schallwellenmagie: How long does it take you to produce a track usually and at what aspect
of producing you spent most of your time?
Dye: Once I get started I’ll work on a track for at least a week laying the
groundwork. From there I can spend a month or more fine tuning the sound and
arrangement. Most of my time is spent in the mastering phase, which is the
hardest part for me personally.

Schallwellenmagie: What is the biggest challenge for you when creating a new track?
Dye: For me the biggest challenge is mixing a track in such a way that it
doesnt sound cheap, boring, unbalanced, or generic. Not that I’m always
successful but it is something that I always strive for.

Schallwellenmagie: How difficult is it for you to find one point on which you can let stand
a track how it is, without making changes again and again?
Dye: Not difficult; impossible.  I like the idea of keeping my music flexible.
I always come back to my old material later and make improvements to it, and
sometimes it even results in a completely different song.

Schallwellenmagie: Tell us something about the hard/software you are using to create
electronic music.
Dye: I’ve used FL Studio as my primary sequencer/host program for years, along
with an extensive collection of samples and virtual synthesizers.  I also
use an M-Audio Axiom 49 USB MIDI controller (especially for live

Schallwellenmagie: Your currently number one DJ/Live acts?
Dye: Daft Punk was a lot of fun to see live, but I’ve always loved Richie
Hawtin’s DE9 mixes too. It’s a pretty hard question to answer definitively.

Schallwellenmagie: Your currently number one clubs / Live Festivals?
Dye: A small club in Dallas called Afterlife. There are a lot of different
kinds of music being played there, and most of the people are way nice.

Schallwellenmagie: If you are DJing: do you prefer Vinyl or CD? Do you use DJ software? Are
you performing live?
Dye: When I do DJ it’s usually just for fun, but always on vinyl. I have
nothing against software DJs, but personally I prefer to have my hands on
some vinyl.  Dye is strictly studio work for now, however I do occasionally
perform other kinds of music under other names. If I could afford the
equipment to put on a real live show with Dye, I would not hesitate.

Schallwellenmagie: What can we expect from you in the near future?
Dye: I’m currently working on an EP of remixes and reworked tracks from my
Vitrified release. It should be finished sometime this summer.  Also I’m
brainstorming for a new concept mix based around ambient sounds recorded
from my neighborhood.  That is still on the back burner for now, but I’m
slowly collecting samples.

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