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OK.iN.N on Schallwellenmagie

Our next artist is from Toulouse, France: Nicolas Guiramand aka OK.iN.N


To give you a short impression about his sound we decided to introduce his track EXIL which is also part of the Regicide vol.01 Mix from Return Trip.

OK.iN.N – Exil

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More music can be found on his MySpace page, but now the interview we did:

Schallwellenmagie: Since when are you active as a producer?
OK.iN.N: I’ve been experimenting electronic music production for many years, but I’ve started sharing my tracks only a few months ago, maybe because i wasn’t confident enought, and aswell felt like my prod wasn’t technical enought whitch is the mean thing for me. I’ve created a myspace account in 2006, at first only for friends, and i recently took it more seriously, thanks to their encouragements. The beginning of the enterprise…

Schallwellenmagie: Who or what has you most strongly affected to make music ?
OK.iN.N: Daft Punk, Laurent Garnier, Carl Cox, Michael Mayer… brought me up to electro music years ago, with these analogic rythms that i loved, very different from what was played on the radio at that time. I was living in belgium border, and i used to go clubbing almost every week-ends in huges clubs as La Goa and La Bush who definitly convinced me.

Schallwellenmagie: Who are the artists with the biggest influence on your music?
OK.iN.N: There are a lot!at the Beginning there was Daft Punk (again!), or Super Discount… They contributed to get me into electro. Then, Electroclash, with Dj Hell, Miss kittin & the Hackers, Fisherspooners…
Now, my references are more Minimalist, influenced by amazing artists as Plastikman, Marco Carola, Paul Ritch, Anja Schneider, Trentemoller, Magda, Kompakt, Marc Antona…

Schallwellenmagie: How long does it take you to produce a track usually and at what aspect of producing you spent most of your time?
OK.iN.N: Between five hours and one month (sometimes even more!) I spend many time searching good sounds, and filtering/modeling it. And of course, mastering tracks takes long hours to be done, and it s about hardware(gear??) too

Schallwellenmagie: what is the biggest challenge for you when creating a new track?
OK.iN.N: The biggest challenge is to keep a coherent track from begenning to the end. By the past, i used to be generous, maybe too much. I’ve often created several atmospheres, as several tracks in one. Unexpected for listeners. But when you create, listen hundred times the same tracks, you’re always attempted to add new sounds (reef)here and there.

Schallwellenmagie: How difficult is it for you to find one point on which you can let stand a track how it is, without making changes again and again?
OK.iN.N: Extremly hard! Don’t touch anymore, that’s the key! Today it’s my leightmotiv. I’ve tried keeping the same flow during the whole track „Exil“, less sequences, just elaborating on filters and modulations. But i keep on searching.

Schallwellenmagie: Tell us about the hard/software you are using to create electronic music
OK.iN.N: Ableton Live (since one year), with Vsti (Kontact, Novastation, Abakos..) and the uc33 evolution as controler. This software is fantastic, highly intuitive and attainable.

Schallwellenmagie: Your currently number one DJ/Live acts?
OK.iN.N: Paul Rich, Richie hawtin (of course) Magda and Dubfire on the same step…

Schallwellenmagie: If you are DJing: do you prefer Vinyl or CD? Do you use DJ software? Are you performing live?
OK.iN.N: I prefer to mix with Live (mp3),even if it’s not as spontaneous as vinyl, but it enables give me more freedom for creativity. Next step, i look for playing live in clubs. For the moment, I’ve started mixing my faves in some clubs in Toulouse.

Schallwellenmagie: What can we expect from you in the near future?
OK.iN.N: Better quality tracks, and the quest of soul’s clubbers all around the world (lol)

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