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DJ Mix Events

Make a strange noise now!

Next session SATURDAY 17th 8:00 PM, special guest Pat Railey

UPDATE @ 22:10h: flight another 15 minutes delayed!

UPDATE: as the Lufthansa airline has changed their flightplan Don Genaro will arrive half an hour later.
If everything runs smoothly we will start our set at 00:30h or maybe 01:00h latest.
Do not forget to press the refresh button of your favourite browser!

The final countdown is going all along the way to what we call „tHe sTrANgE nOIsE“ 

Make a strange noise now

Live Video Stream! Live Online Chat! High Quality Minimal Techno Stream!
At least 3 reasons to join us this weekend. See and hear us performing at Polsum, musically supported
and medically looked after by our special guest Pat Railey.

 Dr. Pat

1st set: Friday 16th at midnight
2nd set: Saturday at 8:00 PM
(with Pat Railey)

Let the beat bang around the rock rock boogie babe and make sure you are watching it!

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Music Production

Schallwellenmagie group @ soundcloud

Howdy, we startet a Schallwellenmagie group @ soundcloud today.

If you are a producer of electronic music and you think your sound applys to our stuff in some possible way feel free to drop us some tracks. If we like what we hear we are going to prepare your feature in our column Artists we like. Your introduction will include an interview, one of your tracks (streamed only), a picture and some further information about your person.

IMPORTANT: after you have send your track via soundcloud please do not contact us ,we will come back to you if we like what we hear.

Let the beats keep rollin´ in…

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Music Production

Wavosaur – free audio editor


Searching for a free wave editor with VST and asio driver support?
Wavosaur is a free sound editor for editing, processing and recording sounds in wav and mp3 format.

The programm comes with no installer and does not write in the registry, it works on Windows 98,
Windows XP and Windows Vista.
See the full features here
For downloading the program klick here
Also check the collection of VST plugins on the Wavosaur homepage

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Things we like

Diego Stocco – Experibass

This guy is doing amazing things, check out his other journeys into sound here: Diego Stocco’s videos

Diego Stocco – Experibass from Diego Stocco on Vimeo.

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Things we like

Make Sounds From Photographs

Photosounder opens up a new world for sound design:


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Things we like

Sound waves & salt


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Music Production

Schallwellenmagie presents: Electronic Music Production Part 3


Ok here we go again, lets talk about a major problem in Electronic Dance Music of today. What you certainly need for a good track to work on the dancefloor is a big fat bassdrum. But that´s not all – it also needs to sound interesting, unique, and not trivial.

Soon or later you will get bored of the preset bassdrums provided by your system´s sound generating software. And creating a new one only with synthesizers is rather tricky and can become pretty time-consuming.

Schallwellenmagie constituting soundwaves for an electronic future!  And that future should be desinged by yourself, in your own kind of style, formed by your own ideas leading to your private sound discoveries. Forget presets.

All you need is once again a music editor like Audacity, free available online. Go and look out for bassdrums, and similar sounds, this might also be claps, kicks, snare hits, even door slamming and so on. Start with not more than lets say 5 single sounds. Cut them properly with your editor, and start to experience the different results you can hear. The character of each single sound will influence the end result: playing all together at the same time!  

Change parameters like volume, length, pitch, use equalizers, modulate the single sounds with your effects zoo, and so on… and check the result. Soon you will get a feeling what is enhancing and what is disturbing your sound. Of course you need to put down the volume of all single sounds to prevent clipping at the end: listen how the volume ratio correlation work together.

The whole process is very easy, and will train your ears in hearing the elements a good kickdrum is made of. But dont stop here: the same process can be used to create all functional percussion sounds in electronic music, and surely the glitchy and strange sounding stuff too we all like so very much. Mix down whatever you can get, feel free and be  open minded.

Questions, critics and discussion are welcome! Let me know your ways of getting cool sounds, your experience with sound material taken from inconvenient sources. I am looking forward to any comment and promise to answer asap!

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