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Schallwellenmagie presents Ristoker

It is giving us great pleasure to introduce an uprising artist from Moscow, Russia. We are talking about Ristoker.
He produced definately some great tunes worth to check out.

Ristoker@Last.fm             Ristoker@MySpace             Ristoker on Facebook

Futhermore should be mentioned that Ristoker will be heard with his Dj sets at UZIC webradio from time to time. 


For your ears we have picked his track Digitolk, enjoy….

Ristoker – Digitolk (Original Mix)

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And as always, here comes the interview…

Schallwellenmagie: Since when are you active as a producer?
Ristoker: My first thoughts about producing music came to me in 1998. At that time it was just the curiosity of a beginner DJ. Professionally I started to produce in 2007 after gaining some experience.

Schallwellenmagie: Who or what has you most strongly affected to make music ?
Ristoker: A lot of things influenced my music and ideas and it’s difficult to mark out something but I will try. Of course my friends always support me and gave me energy when it was really needed. Stroke, Vastar, iPak — Thank you so much.

Schallwellenmagie: Who are the artists with the biggest influence on your music?
Ristoker: There were a lot of musicians who influenced my music. Among them are popular ones: Yello, Jakob Hilden, Red Robin. The energetic and dynamic of Jakob Red Robin’s tracks gave me new creative spark. I really like how skillfully they realize their music ideas. From young musicians I can point out Max Bett, UNIQ – I’m sure they will have awesome musical future!

Schallwellenmagie: How long does it take you to produce a track usually and at what aspect of producing you spent most of your time?
Ristoker: The main idea for the track can be realized in a few hours but finalization of the track can take a few weeks. Everything depends on my mood and spirit and other aspects.

Schallwellenmagie: What is the biggest challenge for you when creating a new track?
Ristoker: The most difficult thing is to convey all the emotions which I experience in the beginning of a production.

Schallwellenmagie: How difficult is it for you to find one point on which you can let stand a track how it is, without making changes again and again?
Ristoker: Sometimes it’s difficult, in this case my friends and the dance floor help me.

Schallwellenmagie: Tell us about the hard/software you are using to create electronic music.
Ristoker: Hardware: NI Audio 8 DJ, Drum Machine: Roland, Behringer bcr-2000, couple of midi controllers M-Audio (oxygen 8, keystation 49), synth: microKorg and others. Software: Logic Studio Pro with lots of external plugins.

Schallwellenmagie: Your currently number one DJ/Live acts?
Ristoker: The best performances are the ones that you make yourself, for me it’s a small VIP party organized by my friends. Everything looks like home and the contact with the dance floor is the most pleasant and emotional.

Schallwellenmagie: Your currently number one clubs / Live Festivals?
Ristoker: The geography of clubs where I performed is quite big, few hundreds clubs. One of the best club is RM Club – small but comfortable with amazing atmosphere – only there it will be possible to make unforgettable journeys in the world of minimal, tech, experimental music. Unfortunately the club was closed and now we’re opening new place in Moscow with that unforgettable atmosphere. This year few festivals will take place where I present my new tracks – see details in my blog on myspace soon.

Schallwellenmagie: If you are DJing – do you prefer Vinyl or CD? Do you use DJ software? Are you performing live?
Ristoker: More like CD + Ableton + Controller. I think that it gives the possibility to dig into the process without disturbance.
Schallwellenmagie: What can we expect from you in the near future?
Ristoker: Hopefully my first LP will see the light this fall. The remixes to my last release “Woodwalk” will be released very soon. Of cause I’m working at new tracks. They will significantly differ from my older ones. Smoothness, dynamic and live instruments – are the main accents for this year!

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