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Music Production Releases

[SWM004] Audiohobel – Knalltaucher EP

Audiohobel is coming up with some colourful psychedelic frenzy…

Music Production Releases

[SWM003] Akusmatic – Out of nothing

Out now: [SWM003] Akusmatic – Out of nothing

Music Production

Audiohobel & Akusmatic – Name that habit (improvised live recording)

This track is an improvised live recording using lots of electronic percussion during a studio session on 26.05.2012

Music Production Releases

[SWM003] Akusmatic – Out of nothing EP out soon

[SWM003] Out of nothing EP, a new release by Akusmatic containing 3 Tracks will be out on 06.06.2012.

First of all here is the title track:

Music Production Releases

[SWM 002] Audiohobel – Brainscanner EP

Here we go, Audiohobel – Brainscanner EP out now:

DJ Mix

New mix online: Overmop

Music Production Releases

[SWM001] Akusmatic – Bepole EP

Sorry, we were a little bit lame lately with updates but now we present our first release since Schallwellenmagie became a label last month:

Akusmatic – Bepole EP