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DJ Mix

Next Friday on UZIC – Demode

This friday the latest mix by White Zone is going to be aired on UZIC webradio.

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DJ Mix

Don´s return – next friday

UZIC webradio with a brand new set from Audiohobel: The Return of Don on friday 11th….

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DJ Mix

New sets this week

Two new sets on UZIC webradio this week:

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Artists we like Music Production

Schallwellenmagie introducing DeeJay-JCC

It was a little bit quiet regarding our category „Artists we like“ during the last months but now we are back with a powerful young man from Berlin: Julius Hilbert a.k.a. Deejay-JCC.


 We decided to tease your ears with his track „Ausgebucht from the Album „Nix zu holen“:

DeeJay-JCC – Ausgebucht Download

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More of his stuff can be found on mp3.de and his YouTube channel.

The Interview:

SWM: Since when are you active as a producer ?
Deejay-JCC: I began producing music at a more professionally niveau in 2007.

SWM: Who or what has you most strongly affected to make music ?
Deejay-JCC: Because of my extraordinary musical taste I always had lots of ideas for melodies or rythms which I tried to recreat in my own tracks. House music can reflex so many emotions with only some simple synths you just have to put them in the right composition. That’s what makes it so special to me!

SWM: Who are the artists with the biggest influence on your music ?
Deejay-JCC: It would take to much time to name them all, because often unknown artists from Myspace, LastFM or MP3.de are affecting me. I’m always searching for new music and sometimes I find tracks which are just amazing and I directly beginn analyzing them.

SWM: How long does it take you to produce a track usually and at what aspect of producing you spent most of your time?
Deejay-JCC: Good question. It takes between seven hours and a whole week. I’m experimenting with different synths and melodies nearly every afternoon and if it sounds good I start to finish it with percussions and fx. This part is the one which takes less time.

SWM: What is the biggest challenge for you when creating a new track ?
Deejay-JCC: I have a very distinct ambition, which may is the reason why I always want to improve my music and give it more quality.

SWM: How difficult is it for you to find one point on which you can let stand a track how it is, without making changes again and again?
Deejay-JCC: This is definitely the most difficult thing of creating a track! Sometimes that’s even driving me crazy.
Not until I’m sure that I did my best to make everything as good as possible I export the track.

SWM: Tell us about the hard/software you are using to create electronic music.
Deejay-JCC: I’m using Ableton Live 8 reWired with Reason 4 and I’ve got a Akai APC 20, BCF 2000 and a midi control keyboard.

SWM: Your currently number one DJ/Live acts?
Deejay-JCC: No live acts this year.

SWM: If you are DJing: do you prefer Vinyl or CD? Do you use DJ software? Are you performing live?
Deejay-JCC: I prefer using CDs, because of the alternations you can have. You don’t need to go into a shop to buy a vinyl and you also don’t have to wait if you buy it online. I do perform live with Ableton and my APC 20.

SWM: What can we expect from you in the near future?
Deejay-JCC: Right now I’m working on my new EP “Grün wird Gelb” which you can download in a few months.

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DJ Mix Webradios

„Hybrid“ on air today…

UPDATE: Hybrid will be repeated tomorrow…May 4th

„Hybrid“, the second set as part of a trilogy of 3 sets I recorded exclusively for UZIC webradio is on air today.

For tuning in click the schedule….

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DJ Mix Events Webradios

Tomorrow new sets on UZIC

Tomorrow 2 new sets on UZIC webradio…

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DJ Mix Events Webradios

Hi Fidelity running high on UZIC next Wednesday…

„Hi Fideltiy“ is voted into the best hits of UZIC webradio by their listeners and will be on air next wednesday again…

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